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Listening and singing practice with “Mecano”

When I was learning English during my student years, I always loved to listen to English songs and try to understand the lyrics. I truly believe that  listening to Spanish or Latino American  music is very good to get you used to listen and understand better and better as time passes by. Make a play list for the car or for your time at the gym and you’ll see how, in time, you’ll love it.

Today I am adding a very slow song from a Spanish group called Mecano. They were very popular during the 80’s and their songs are very special because they always have a message or a story behind them. This one is called “Me cuesta tanto olvidarte” and it has the lyrics included in the video so I hope it’s easy to follow.

If you want any music suggestions, let me know by the contact form. I am always happy to help! 😉


AS Spanish exam reading practice



A level Spanish exams are around the corner and there are not many past papers anywhere so this has been what I have done: I have been searching online on my websites trying to find little parts of articles related to the topics, either in Spanish and English, and I have been reading them with my students as well as using them as listening practice.

A levels are getting harder and they required lots of work but I am always 100% dedicated to my students and their needs. I wish you all lots of luck! Feel free to email me if you need help.

Reading comprehension for beginners

The following is a very easy text for beginners. Try to read it and answer the questions in English. It’s a good practice to know if you need to improve your vocab.

Hola soy Pedro y vivo en Madrid, en un piso cerca del centro. En mi piso tengo dos dormitorios, una cocina comedor, un salón, dos cuartos de baño y un balcón donde tengo la bicicleta.

Cerca de mi casa hay una calle donde hay muchas tiendas: Una carniceria, una panadería, un frutería y varias tiendas de ropa. Mi restaurante preferido está al lado de mi casa, es un restaurante italiano. A mi me gusta mucho la pasta y yo como en este restaurante una vez cada dos semanas.

Does Pedro have three bedrooms?

Does he live in a house or a flat?

Where does he keep his bike?

Can you tell me some of the shops that are close to his flat?

How many times does he go to his favorite restaurant?

Worried about the past tenses?

I am not surprised! But… don’t panic! It’s hard work to understand them but if you are persistent you’ll learn them.

In my lessons I like to practice talking that’s why I write and write lots, lots of questions so that my students don’t stop using them till they get use to them. It’s great: they learn them, they get talking and thinking …. You won’t believe it but it’s fun!

Getting ready for secondary school Spanish?

Is your child starting Secondary school soon around the Trafford area?

Any of the local schools: Sale Grammar, Altrincham Grammar school for boys, Altrincham Grammar School for girls, Saint Ambrose College, Stretford Grammar, Altrincham College of Arts?

Is she or he choosing Spanish?

Lots of questions and lots of decisions to make…

Even if your kids have studied languages at primary school it’s very important to get a good start from year 6th and make sure they learn the basics as the grow so they are ready and confident as years pass by for the future GCSEs.

Time is the key! A little bit of Spanish work every week can make a big difference. Languages in general and, in this case, Spanish, are an important tool for their future careers, even if they might not realize yet.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact me. I have taught students from all the main local schools and I can help to build up their confidence. Learning Spanish can be very challenging but rewarding too!


A2 Spanish exam: “Mar de plástico”

Racism, multi cultural society, immigration… these are all A2 exam topics for that some of you will be having very soon.

They are very hard topics to talk about in any language so I can understand how complicated it can be to express yourself in Spanish when talking about them.

The other day I found this series in Netflix and I thought it was perfect in order  to get the feeling about these serious problems that take place in Spain, as well as in many other parts of the world: “Mar de plástico”.

Feel free to send me an email or any questions related to the topics and the A2 exams. Muchísima suerte!

Un tallarín

If your children love to sing and you want them to learn some Spanish, they will love “CantaJuego” created by the “EnCanto” group.

They sing popular Spanish songs  for children between 0 and 6 years old combined with dancing movements. This is just one of their songs but you can find much more information about them on their website: