Listening and singing practice with “Mecano”

When I was learning English during my student years, I always loved to listen to English songs and try to understand the lyrics. I truly believe that  listening to Spanish or Latino American  music is very good to get you used to listen and understand better and better as time passes by. Make a play list for the car or for your time at the gym and you’ll see how, in time, you’ll love it.

Today I am adding a very slow song from a Spanish group called Mecano. They were very popular during the 80’s and their songs are very special because they always have a message or a story behind them. This one is called “Me cuesta tanto olvidarte” and it has the lyrics included in the video so I hope it’s easy to follow.

If you want any music suggestions, let me know by the contact form. I am always happy to help! 😉


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