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GCSE Speaking Photo card practice (Higher)

If you are preparing for your GCSE AQA Exam, here is a little practice for your oral exam:

First question:

This is the family topic so you always have to relate your answer to the topic, be precise and don’t waste time.

“En esta foto veo un grupo de amigos, posiblemente de mi edad, que están haciéndose un selfie en el parque. Parecen muy contentos lo que me hace pensar que se llevan muy bien y tiene una buena relación entre ellos.”

Second question:

“Son muchas las causas por las que los amigos suelen discutir, pero personalmente pienso que las más comunes son que pasan demasiado tiempo juntos y eso lleva a desacuerdos y riñas. Por otra parte también son motivo de discusiones las redes sociales y las publicaciones en instagram o snapchat, algunas veces pueden hacer daño o discriminar a algunas personas y eso, por supuesto, lleva a desacuerdos, peleas y pérdidas de amigos”

Third question: This question is written in the present perfect, so you have to use it and combine it with other past tenses

” Ultimamente no he salido mucho mucho con mis amigos porque estoy estudiando para mis exámenes pero este fin de semana hemos salido a cenar a una pizzeria en el centro y luego hemos ido a dar una vuelta. Mi amiga se ha comprado unos pantalones y yo le he comprado un CD a mi hemano porque el próximo domingo es su cumpleaños y vamos a celebrarlos en casa. Ha estado genial tener tiempo para olvidar los exámenes”


Possible extra questions:

¿Podrías describir a tu mejor amigo? ¿qué cosas le fustan y que cosas no le gustan?

¿Qué es lo que más valoras en la amistad?

¿Cómo describirías a una mal amigo?

Spanish club book for the little ones

If you want to get your little ones learning Spanish at home, this is an easy book with CD that might be good. I have used it with little early learners and they love the songs and the exercises. I was even preparing little dancing moves to go with the songs and the children loved to join in.



It has a little bite of everything, from learning animals names, colours, clothing, body parts… It is very colorful and it has some nice stickers too. The little ones always love stickers!



Vocabulary list for Latino América travellers

For those of you that are planning to travel to latino América I have put together a little list of vocab that might be helpful.

The truth is that there are so many words that are different in the different countries of latino América that I am sure your travels will be full of surprises but I guess that´s part of the magic.

AS Spanish exam reading practice



A level Spanish exams are around the corner and there are not many past papers anywhere so this has been what I have done: I have been searching online on my websites trying to find little parts of articles related to the topics, either in Spanish and English, and I have been reading them with my students as well as using them as listening practice.

A levels are getting harder and they required lots of work but I am always 100% dedicated to my students and their needs. I wish you all lots of luck! Feel free to email me if you need help.

Worried about the past tenses?

I am not surprised! But… don’t panic! It’s hard work to understand them but if you are persistent you’ll learn them.

In my lessons I like to practice talking that’s why I write and write lots, lots of questions so that my students don’t stop using them till they get use to them. It’s great: they learn them, they get talking and thinking …. You won’t believe it but it’s fun!

Getting ready for secondary school Spanish?

Is your child starting Secondary school soon around the Trafford area?

Any of the local schools: Sale Grammar, Altrincham Grammar school for boys, Altrincham Grammar School for girls, Saint Ambrose College, Stretford Grammar, Altrincham College of Arts?

Is she or he choosing Spanish?

Lots of questions and lots of decisions to make…

Even if your kids have studied languages at primary school it’s very important to get a good start from year 6th and make sure they learn the basics as the grow so they are ready and confident as years pass by for the future GCSEs.

Time is the key! A little bit of Spanish work every week can make a big difference. Languages in general and, in this case, Spanish, are an important tool for their future careers, even if they might not realize yet.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact me. I have taught students from all the main local schools and I can help to build up their confidence. Learning Spanish can be very challenging but rewarding too!


GUSTAR, verb to like

“Gustar” doesn’t conjugate like a normal verb so whenever you need to use it you need to keep that in mind. In the following image you will see the proper wait to conjugate this verb.

The choice of “Gusta” or “Gustan” will always be given by the words that follow, if they are singular or an infinitive then we would choose “Gusta”, but if it is a plural word then we would chose “Gustan”.

With this verb you always need to write the pronouns in red because if not it won’t make sense what you are saying so “Don’t forget them!”

The following is an exercise related to this verb. Try to fill in the gaps with the correct pronoun:

A mi……… gusta la música clásica y a mi esposa …… gusta la música rock.

A ti ……. gusta el fútbol pero a mi no ….. gusta el fútbol.

A él …….. gusta el café con leche y a ti …. gusta el té inglés con leche.

A tu amiga Lola ….. gusta ir a la playa y a su hermana no ….. gusta.

A nosotros ……. gustan las manzanas pero a nosotros ….. gustan las naranjas.

A vosotros ……… gustan los documentales de animales pero a nosotras no ….. gustan.

A ellas …… gustan las tostadas con mantequilla.