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Getting ready for secondary school Spanish?

Is your child starting Secondary school soon around the Trafford area?

Any of the local schools: Sale Grammar, Altrincham Grammar school for boys, Altrincham Grammar School for girls, Saint Ambrose College, Stretford Grammar, Altrincham College of Arts?

Is she or he choosing Spanish?

Lots of questions and lots of decisions to make…

Even if your kids have studied languages at primary school it’s very important to get a good start from year 6th and make sure they learn the basics as the grow so they are ready and confident as years pass by for the future GCSEs.

Time is the key! A little bit of Spanish work every week can make a big difference. Languages in general and, in this case, Spanish, are an important tool for their future careers, even if they might not realize yet.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact me. I have taught students from all the main local schools and I can help to build up their confidence. Learning Spanish can be very challenging but rewarding too!