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La primavera. Little writting in Spanish and English

Por fín llegó la primavera y estamos super contentos. El tiempo ha sido perfecto, sín lluvia, cielos despejados, el sol ha brillado como nunca… Que más se puede pedir, casi me parece que estamos en España!
Pero bueno, la verdad es que yo estoy enganchada de la alergia, asi que tengo los ojos y la cabeza que…. mejor no hablar. Me tomaré las pastillitas y a ver si se me pasa pronto y podemos disfrutar al máximo el buen tiempo.
Tendremos que ir pensando en que semillitas vamos a plantar este año en el jardín por que el año pasado plantamos una pipa y nos brotó un girasol,pequeñito pero salió. Nos hace mucha ilusión asi que os tendremos al día, a ver que decidimos.
Bienevenida Primavera!



Spring has arrived and we are very pleased.
The weather is been beautiful , every day we’ve had clear skies, blooming flowers and trees…. We love Spring, but ever since it arrived I’ve been suffering hay fever so… here I am with my eyes and my head bumping as if I hadn´t sleep the whole night. I hate it!
I started to take some hay fever tables and hopefully I’ll start to feel better soon…. Hope so! This is a season to go out, enjoy the outdoor activities and we want to do the most of it, so I hope to be posting some colourful photos for our colourful Spring gardens.
Welcome Spring!


El Museo del Prado, Madrid

If you are planning to visit Madrid and you are interested in art in general, I would personally recommend  you to visit “El Museo del Prado”.  It is one the most important museums we have in Spain as it has a great and amazing collection of paintings from all sort of styles and ages.

Despite the fact that  I haven’t had the opportunity to go recently, during my last time there I was truly impressed… I just couldn’t believe I was having the opportunity to see all those pieces of art in one place: Velazquez, Ribera… Increible!

At the time I was studying history of art at the Valencia University and these visits were the perfect opportunity for me to see in reality what I was studying. I was extremely happy, extremely happy!

In the last days I have been following the museum’s activities on twitter  and youtube and it is regularly posting videos and photos that will make you think about art from a different perspective to the one you might now. It is worth to check them and follow them.

The following is a video in which you can get a general idea of how the museum is so… have a look and let me know what you think 😉

Golf and Spain

It’s clear to me that Spain is the first choice for many of my students to practice their favourite sport: golf.

The combination of great weather, our amazing Mediterranean food and good resources for the sport makes Spain the perfect destination.

It is not surprising that La Costa del Sol has some of top golf courses in all Europe and some people calls it “La Costa del Golf”… funny!

At the moment you can find lots of golf related holidays packages online and some of you might be very familiar with those sites. The exciting thing for me about this golf culture it is that lots of you are taking these trips to the next level and getting to learn the language and interact much more with the Spanish people. That´s great! and we Spanish love it!

From my point of view it is the best actitud. Spanish people are very friendly and open to conversation so… go for it.

Some of my students (Bob, Andrew, Geoff, Brian…) are already trying hard and feeling the progress and their improvement. That really makes me very proud because every time they come back from Spain they are more confident and determine to keep learning.

The one to one tuition keeps them practicing, talking and learning new things every lesson.

Well done… Sport and Spanish… why not?

Activities for the children in Valencia: el Bioparc

If you are planning to visit Valencia this year with the children, I am sure you want to go to the beach and enjoy as much as you can the sunshine but… in Valencia there are also some other very good alternatives to keep the children entertained and happy, and one of my family’s favorite ones is the “BIOPARC”.

We went with our son when he was little, at that time  we still lived in Valencia and he loved every minute of that day.

The Winter and the Spring are the best seasons from my point of view to visit it because during the summer is quite hot but, truly…. anytime is a good time.



It would be a good practice for the children to learn the name of the animals and follow the map around the find them all: El rinoceronte, el elefante, el león….  And the blue sky is always there!