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Spanish series: “La casa de papel”

This is the first Spanish series I would like to recommend you all to start 2018 : “La Casa de papel”. An intriguing story about a robbery that will keep you intrigued until the end.

I found if by chance few weeks ago in Netflix and, I must say, it really got into me and I can’t stop watching it. The whole story is extremely well though and the actors are very, very good. It might be very challenging to understand all the dialogues but it is possible to watch it with English or Spanish subtitles, so…. I think there is no excuse to give it a try, don’t you think?



Have a look to the first episode and let me know what you think.  Send me and email or comment on my Facebook page, you opinions are always more than welcome!

Listening and singing practice with “Mecano”

When I was learning English during my student years, I always loved to listen to English songs and try to understand the lyrics. I truly believe that  listening to Spanish or Latino American  music is very good to get you used to listen and understand better and better as time passes by. Make a play list for the car or for your time at the gym and you’ll see how, in time, you’ll love it.

Today I am adding a very slow song from a Spanish group called Mecano. They were very popular during the 80’s and their songs are very special because they always have a message or a story behind them. This one is called “Me cuesta tanto olvidarte” and it has the lyrics included in the video so I hope it’s easy to follow.

If you want any music suggestions, let me know by the contact form. I am always happy to help! 😉


A2 Spanish exam: “Mar de plástico”

Racism, multi cultural society, immigration… these are all A2 exam topics for that some of you will be having very soon.

They are very hard topics to talk about in any language so I can understand how complicated it can be to express yourself in Spanish when talking about them.

The other day I found this series in Netflix and I thought it was perfect in order  to get the feeling about these serious problems that take place in Spain, as well as in many other parts of the world: “Mar de plástico”.

Feel free to send me an email or any questions related to the topics and the A2 exams. Muchísima suerte!

Figs, beautiful summer fruits


These are one of my favorite summer fruits: Figs. In Spain we call them HIGOS.

They are very sweet and they have a special texture that either you like it or you don’t.

It’s very common to find fig trees on the side roads of Spain or country lanes and, normally they will be full of delicious fruits but be careful if you decide to pick some of them because you won’t be the only one around: most likely there will also be some wasps that won´t hesitate to sting you. My grandfather used to have a very big fig tree where he used to have his land and we were always running from the wasps

This photo was taken last summer during my summer holidays. We have a very nice neighbor, el tio Julián, who normally comes around for a chat and brings with him lovely veggies and fruits to share. In the fields around his little house he has a couple of fig trees … y los higos están super ricos.

La canción del verano

Do you know what is “La cación del verano”? it´s the biggest song hit during the Summer months and it is always makes you feel like dancing.

Even if we are still in May, it looks like this one is going to be a big hit in all the Spanish “Terrazas de verano”: “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

This is the link to the song with the lyrincs. Todos a cantar y a bailar!

Learning Spanish or Latino American songs will help you to improve your listening.