Andrew Smithurst, Brand Chief Executive Officer of Cardinal Maritime 

“You are very patient  and an excellent teacher. Thanks for all your help”.


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Alex Spreece,  6th form student

Maria began teaching me Spanish in January 2015; I had received my mock results which were disappointing. I decided to have extra tuition to help with my Spanish studies, after my first lesson with Maria I felt my enthusiasm and confidence grow. Maria has helped me to gain confidence in speaking and writing, my grades have improved immensely.

My teachers at college are impressed and pleased with my progression in the language. I am able to use the language confidently and hold a conversation fluently. A year ago I did not have the ability or the self-confidence to speak publically or in the classroom environment, whereas now I do this with ease.

Maria is extremely professional, but at the same time she is able to nurture and help her students feel at ease. The way Maria teaches she has helped fill the gaps within my college education.

I personally would be delighted to have her teach me as I feel she is capable of helping students achieve the highest grade possible.

Katherine Fitzpatrick


Amy Colclough

Me and my mum decided to learn a language and found Maria on the internet. She held the lessons at her home which was always a nice calm space. Maria works at your pace and talks you through anything you do not understand, taking extra time to ensure you are using words correctly and saying them the correct way including rolling your r’s which me and mum found hilarious. We didn’t progress past introduction level stuff due to other other commitments, meaning we didn’t have the time anymore, but I would go back to Maria if I were in a position to resume my learning.

Peter Lazenby

I took additional lessons with María to supplement my Spanish language studies. She’s a native speaker. Her lessons were enjoyable, interesting, and well directed to my level of Spanish. Learning with her is never a chore. She’s attentive and friendly, and I received explanation, encouragement, and personalised one-to-one teaching which was well planned, thoughtful, and with appropriate resources. ¡Gracias María!

Mervyn Harris

Spanish has been a hobby of mine for many years, but as I’m now living part of the year in Spain, I needed to improve my conversational skills.
Maria was able to tailor our weekly sessions to exactly what I needed and at exactly the correct level.  My conversational Spanish has improved immeasurably as a result, and the fact that Maria was a native Spanish speaker has really helped to improve my accent.
I’ve had a number of Spanish teachers over the years, but Maria has, without doubt, been the best of them.

Jill, Matt’s mother, GCSE student at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys

“We were looking for a Spanish tutor to help my son with his GCSE work and Maria was the perfect choice”.