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Golf and Spain

It’s clear to me that Spain is the first choice for many of my students to practice their favourite sport: golf.

The combination of great weather, our amazing Mediterranean food and good resources for the sport makes Spain the perfect destination.

It is not surprising that La Costa del Sol has some of top golf courses in all Europe and some people calls it “La Costa del Golf”… funny!

At the moment you can find lots of golf related holidays packages online and some of you might be very familiar with those sites. The exciting thing for me about this golf culture it is that lots of you are taking these trips to the next level and getting to learn the language and interact much more with the Spanish people. That´s great! and we Spanish love it!

From my point of view it is the best actitud. Spanish people are very friendly and open to conversation so… go for it.

Some of my students (Bob, Andrew, Geoff, Brian…) are already trying hard and feeling the progress and their improvement. That really makes me very proud because every time they come back from Spain they are more confident and determine to keep learning.

The one to one tuition keeps them practicing, talking and learning new things every lesson.

Well done… Sport and Spanish… why not?

Activities for the children in Valencia: el Bioparc

If you are planning to visit Valencia this year with the children, I am sure you want to go to the beach and enjoy as much as you can the sunshine but… in Valencia there are also some other very good alternatives to keep the children entertained and happy, and one of my family’s favorite ones is the “BIOPARC”.

We went with our son when he was little, at that time  we still lived in Valencia and he loved every minute of that day.

The Winter and the Spring are the best seasons from my point of view to visit it because during the summer is quite hot but, truly…. anytime is a good time.



It would be a good practice for the children to learn the name of the animals and follow the map around the find them all: El rinoceronte, el elefante, el león….  And the blue sky is always there!



Spanish series: “La casa de papel”

This is the first Spanish series I would like to recommend you all to start 2018 : “La Casa de papel”. An intriguing story about a robbery that will keep you intrigued until the end.

I found if by chance few weeks ago in Netflix and, I must say, it really got into me and I can’t stop watching it. The whole story is extremely well though and the actors are very, very good. It might be very challenging to understand all the dialogues but it is possible to watch it with English or Spanish subtitles, so…. I think there is no excuse to give it a try, don’t you think?



Have a look to the first episode and let me know what you think.  Send me and email or comment on my Facebook page, you opinions are always more than welcome!

Spanish club book for the little ones

If you want to get your little ones learning Spanish at home, this is an easy book with CD that might be good. I have used it with little early learners and they love the songs and the exercises. I was even preparing little dancing moves to go with the songs and the children loved to join in.



It has a little bite of everything, from learning animals names, colours, clothing, body parts… It is very colorful and it has some nice stickers too. The little ones always love stickers!



A levels – Inmigration topic

It’s always a hard topic to talk about but it is important to understand it if you want to do well in you A levels.

Do your research, ask for help! Don’t hesitate! I found this image in a newspaper from 2016 that I have just found among my books, what comes to say that it is a topic that it is very much alive as time passes by.


A1 vocabulary

Can you translate the following words? It’s basic vocab and sentences from the first units of A1. It’s always good to keep revising previous work that you might have looked at in class so that you don’t forget them.

If you need any help, send me an email or contact me by facebook: or twitter at

Vocabulary list for Latino América travellers

For those of you that are planning to travel to latino América I have put together a little list of vocab that might be helpful.

The truth is that there are so many words that are different in the different countries of latino América that I am sure your travels will be full of surprises but I guess that´s part of the magic.