A levels translate exercise, English to Spanish

Some of you might be having mock exams these weeks and most likely will be worried about your translates.

The following it is a little exercises where you will have to translate from English to Spanish. I am going to add the answers at the end so that you can check.

It is logical that her mum is worried about her illness.

He lived in a house I which his parents had a bakery.

The dentist I go to is not very expensive.

There is a new theory that says that allergic illnesses are related to the cleaning of the houses.

If you go to the hospital, let me know.


Es lógico que su madre esté preocupada por su enfermedad.

Él vivía en una casa en la cual sus padres tenían una panadería.

El dentista al que yo voy no es muy caro.

Hay una teoría que dice que ñas enfermedades alérgicas están relacionadas con la limpieza de la casa.

Si vas al hospital, dimelo.




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