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Welcome A levels!

Hola a todos!

It´s the end of September and maybe some of you have already started getting your AS or A2 level Spanish year. If it is your case, be ready for a challenging course: new topics, so of them very hard to talk about, even in English, plus grammar, listening…. Don’t worry! It looks hard, it is hard but it is possible to make it and get good marks at the end of the year.

Which has to be your key word?

WORK. If you don’t work for it, you won’t get it. Try to do grammar exercises every day, listening to online resources ( there are many: and take advance of your school teachers. Ask them questions, use your Spanish, speak in Spanish because your examiners will want to see how fluent you are using it so…


If you need any advice, help, extra activities… please let me know by my contact for. I’ll be very happy to help you!

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