Figs, beautiful summer fruits


These are one of my favorite summer fruits: Figs. In Spain we call them HIGOS.

They are very sweet and they have a special texture that either you like it or you don’t.

It’s very common to find fig trees on the side roads of Spain or country lanes and, normally they will be full of delicious fruits but be careful if you decide to pick some of them because you won’t be the only one around: most likely there will also be some wasps that won´t hesitate to sting you. My grandfather used to have a very big fig tree where he used to have his land and we were always running from the wasps

This photo was taken last summer during my summer holidays. We have a very nice neighbor, el tio Julián, who normally comes around for a chat and brings with him lovely veggies and fruits to share. In the fields around his little house he has a couple of fig trees … y los higos están super ricos.

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